Welcome to www.holbeachwest.co.uk.  This website is designed to give information regarding a new residential development and a new primary school in association with a proposed new junction to the west of Holbeach.


Below is the proposed development site, outlined in red, to view this as a pdf file and other drawings, please go to the ‘Plans’ link at the bottom of this page. Development_Site_Plan

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The proposed site is in three ownerships. Although more than one planning application may be submitted, the applications will conform to a single overarching masterplan. The site will be developed in phases by the partners in their respective land interests.

Holbeach is the second largest settlement in South Holland, and the home of the University Campus and the proposed Food Enterprise Zone. These facts, together with the good road transport links and the range of services already provided by the town, make it an ideal focus for growth, in terms of jobs, homes and infrastructure.

This site, being close to the Town Centre, the University Campus, Schools and the proposed Food Enterprise Zone, whilst also having direct access to the major road network, is a good location for development. The site is also contained by existing development, whilst also being of a suitable scale to accommodate a primary school to meet the needs of the new development.

The technical reports prepared to inform the proposal also demonstrate that the site is not constrained in terms of flood risk, archaeology or highways.

The site benefits from being an ideal size and location within Holbeach, with good access to highways, services and utilities, and would form part of a comprehensive development in association with the Economic Development site and new junction works at the Peppermint Junction to the A151/A17. Further information regarding Peppermint Junction can also be found on the Lincolnshire County Council website:


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